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One of the greatest benefits of our investment in basic products is the fact that we protect our investors against the effects of inflation.

providing services of distribution and delivery of products such as Oil,Energy,Minerals,Food,Bonds and Shares. All about us Technical support and Expertise With our solid experience of more than 26 years we have established serious relationships with oursuppliers and thus be able to offer a very good service to our customers with the best prices and guaranteed products in the sectors that most characterize us, We currently supply Russian,Fuel and explore new alternatives investing in Countries with possible exploitation of Hydrocarbons with our own capital and the support of the Bank that supports us for our complianceHere are some products from our bag


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we are committed to working with all to develop sustainable and healthy solutions to protect natural resources, while using science and technology as economic assistance to our partners and allies and to our progress. JFC International People all over the world.

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