Giant Shark is a JFC subsidiary in China

Business scope: 

Sales of packaging materials, Sales of Internet products (except for products subject to license and approval), Technology import and export, Wholesale of other cultural and entertainment products, Wholesale of photographic equipment, Wholesale of musical instruments, Wholesale of toys; Wholesale of sporting goods and equipment, Stationery wholesale, Home accessories wholesale, Baby products wholesale,  Furniture wholesale, Wholesale of boxes and bags; Glasses wholesale, Watch wholesale,  Wholesale of household appliances, Wholesale of lamps and decorative articles, Sales of special packaging equipment, Wholesale of daily utensils and groceries; Cleaning supplies wholesale, Kitchen equipment and kitchen supplies wholesale, Wholesale of cosmetics and sanitary products, Hat wholesale; Shoes wholesale, Clothing wholesale; Wholesale of textiles, knitwear and raw materials, Wholesale trade of commodities (excluding commodities subject to license and approval), Retail trade of commodities (excluding commodities subject to license and approval); Import and export of goods (exclusive of commodities under exclusive control), Business management services (except those involving licensed business projects) and Retail of Internet commodities (except for commodities subject to license and approval), Retail of general machinery and equipment, Machinery parts retail.